Monday, December 22, 2014

Thank you notes - The Amazing Indonesia at 2014 Wellington Santa Parade

Greetings all!

Despite all obstacles and challenges, we, the Indonesian Community of Wellington plus Palmerston North Papuan students, have been successfully participating in the Wellington Santa Parade 14 Dec 2014.

Success, success, success! Smile, smile, smile! Joy, joy, joy!

No doubt everyone had a memorable moment and experience in promoting our Indonesia to more than 60,000 New Zealanders, which is the highest record of direct encounter to the NZ people. We had successfully entertained Kiwi family and kids and given them fun and joy to see our smiles, colourful costumes, variety of dances, interesting musical shows and float.

We have also achieved our objective to show the Indonesian soft power of friendly and broad-minded attitudes towards New Zealanders in particular, and The Western world in general, with the characteristic of tolerant, not prejudiced and Christmas joy. Rather than the other way around, unfriendly, narrow-minded, intolerant attitudes and possibly shallow thinking, which may not be suitable, or potentially unsympathetic, for the New Zealand environment or Down Under in general.

As a society of Indonesian people living in Wellington, with all of backgrounds, religions, ethnics and classes, regardless it is legitimated by the Indonesian Embassy or not, but the most important thing is that, we are invited by the Wellington City Council Santa Parade organiser, in the future we will again participate the Wellington Santa Parade. Anyone keen to join the next Santa Parade please just say yes and commit. Our event is not a 2-week plan sudden event, it is at least planned 2-3 months before the parade, therefore no maneuver action, no hidden agenda, plenty of time to think and change of mind is acceptable.

Our funding scheme is in the form of partnership between us through donations and the main sponsors Indonesian Embassy and Defence Attache Office without touching the other society or cultural funding cake. Indonesian participation in the Wellington Santa Parade is not a competing-funded cultural and society activity, but it is fundamentally a supportive society activity to promote Indonesia to New Zealanders.

Around September and October 2015, there will be an invitation of expression of interest to participate in the 2015 Wellington Santa Parade.

We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to all parties and participants that had been involved in the parade. Apologies if any names are missed in this thank you notes and statements of appreciation.

Kind regards

Jeffry Liando (Parade Coordinator)

Lead coordinators, volunteers, acknowledgements in preparation

Andre Simangunsong: treasurer, float preparation, reporting
Alifia Qonita Sudharto: secretary, KBRI inventory, lunch boxes preparation, costumes preparation
Muhammad Ghifary: music director, song mix creation, Angklung leader, float preparation
Setyo Utomo: photos, float preparation
Rory Marwani: Papuan students leader
Alia Krismon: Merak and Ngarojeng walking group, costumes preparation
Nina Kusumo Liando: Society walking group, costumes preparation

Nina Sudiono: providing lunch boxes
Rachel: helping providing lunch boxes
Nyoman Wardani: make-up artist leader
Lina Samosir: make-up
Wulan Adi: make-up
Sintha Saragih: providing food, costumes preparation
Tony Sultantiono: Papuan student transport and parade day transport
Riyan Kaizir: Becak and Garuda transport, float preparation
Vickry Wibisono: transport, float preparation
Aston Palendeng: float preparation
Atot Sultantono: float preparation
Septian Razi: float preparation
Frenky Simanjuntak: float preparation
Marko Sebira: sound system preparation

Nino Triono: acknowledgement as President of Kamasi Wellington
Endah Setyaningsih: acknowledgement as President of PPI Wellington

Thank you to Endah Setyaningsih, as the president of Indonesian Student Association of Wellington (PPI Wellington), for the permission to use PPI Wellington's account as the vehicle. It has been agreed to keep the surplus to this account to be used for future event of promoting Indonesia to New Zealanders.
Revenues: $2,143, Expenses: $1,824, Surplus: $319 (kept in PPI's account for future event of promoting Indonesia to New Zealanders).
Revenues of $2,143 consists of: $1,000 funding from the Indonesian Embassy and Defence Attache Office and $1,143 from donations.

Main sponsors:
Indonesian Embassy and Defence Attache Office
HE Mr Jose Tavares, Ambassador
     Ms Fitria Anindhita Haerani Wibowo
Colonel Yudy Mandega, Defence Attaché
     Mrs Gempita Indira Garini
Mr Wanton Saragih, Counsellor
     Mrs Sintha Raharmawati

$780 undisclosed donation
$363 from the following parties:
Visiting Papuan Officers
Dearly Simorangkir
Farina Kusmana
Audrey Kolibu
Jenny Forbes
Nigel Connell
Dina Suryandani
GD&A Street

Family of Late Herry Kristanto 
Rainbow Bridge Shop Newtown 
Hirepool Thorndon 
Kennards Hire Newtown 
Mitre 10 Mega Petone
Indonesian Embassy, Information and Social Cultural Affairs
Indonesian Embassy, Administration and HOC

Parade Participants (from the front to the end):

Ino Pasullean: Indonesian Banner
Cherry Tabuni: Indonesian Banner
Rama Triono: Indonesia Flag
Elliot Willis: NZ Flag
Johnny Ake: Becak
Muhammad Ghifary: Angklung Lead
Qonita Sudharto: Angklung
Rory Marwani: Angklung
Nina Liando: Angklung
Janice Hendaryo: Angklung
Dina Suryandani: Angklung
Farina Kusmana: Angklung
Kezia Liando: Kid walk
Kalista Nia Kurniati: Kid walk
Kelly Zeng: Kid walk
Shelley Zeng: Kid walk
Jo Achmadi: Kid walk
Alta Rendra: Kid walk
Naufal Y: Kid walk
Ethan Palendeng: Kid walk
Joshua Payne: Kid walk
Rio Joko: Kid walk
Puan Saragih: Kid walk
Nora Saragih: Kid walk
Reyna Joko: Kid walk
Arie Sarbini: Adult walk
Ryan Rendra: Adult walk
Nani Hendaryo: Adult walk
Donna Achmadi: Adult walk
Betty Danusantoso: Adult walk
Mega Lim: Adult walk
Tatap Samosir: Adult walk
Audrey Kolibu: Adult walk
Erni Mahaganti: Adult walk
Lina Dilliane Y: Adult walk
Mariena Payne: Adult walk
Didi Kusnadi: Adult walk
Wanton Saragih: Adult walk
Sintha Saragih: Adult walk
Alex Joeng: Float Driver
Vickry Wibisono: Float/Gong
Fitri Salma: Adult Float
Reihan Kusnadi: Kid Float
Dilyan Kusnadi: Kid Float
Sara Hendaryo Kid Float
Naisha: Kid Float
Isaiah Liando: Kid Float
Colin Palendeng: Kid Float
Aidan Danusantoso: Kid Float
Bianca Willis: Kid Float
Ciara: Kid Float
Siobhan Sarbini: Kid Float
Sam Lim: Kid Float
Frenky Simanjuntak: Float King
Endah Setyaningsih: Float Queen
Syva Ghifary: Marshal
Andre Simangunsong: Marshal
Gregorius Almando: Papua
Habel Rudamaga: Papua
William Menanti: Papua
Jeffry Wakur: Papua
Stevi Yikwa: Papua
Osfaldo Yikwa: Papua
Musa Wonda: Papua
Logi Albert: Papua
Martha Itaar: Papua
Vanda Korisano: Papua
Ruth Waterpauw: Papua
Erli Enambere: Papua
Angelika Christiani: Papua
Sendiron Enumbi: Papua
Maksi Singpanki: Papua
Alia Krismon: Merak
Valencia Krismon: Merak
Gaby Polak: Merak
Zahra Adira: Merak
Ayu Priyomarsono: Merak
Nur Amirush: Ngarojeng
Rachel Zakaria: Ngarojeng
Putri Rukmanadi: Ngarojeng
Lina Mulyati: Ngarojeng
Septian Razi: Umbul-umbul
Sammuel Izhak: Umbul-umbul
Wan Rizqy: Umbul-umbul
Kevin Joeng: Umbul-umbul
Greg Hidayat: Umbul-umbul
Richie Lim: Umbul-umbul

Photos by Setyo Utomo
Photos by Jeff Liando

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Balinese Dancer in 2011 Wellington Christmas Parade

For visitors coming from Te Ara webpage (, please find the following info about the photograph:

Description: Photo of a Balinese dancer as part of the Indonesian Community participation in the 2011 Wellington Santa Parade, Sunday (Sunday, 13 November 2011)

Balinese Dancer: Satya Duhita
Photographer: Adri Widyanto
Parade Coordinator: Jeffry Liando